Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FOs and Miscellany

On the needles:

Stacey's Scarf
I have 13 repeats to complete this scarf. That is 130 rows or 2600 more stitches. I have completed 9580 stitches. Or 479 rows. I need to get in gear on this so I can mail it in time for her birthday.

This is the only thing I have cast on at the moment. More on what I want to do to follow.

Finished Objects (FOs)

Blackhearted by Ariel Altaras
My Blackhearted socks are complete. They could stand to be a little more snug around the top but I love having sock on my feet that fit heel to foot. I see a long love affair with making socks.

Detail shot of the heart pattern on the leg.

I loved making these socks so much that I finished the second one in 3 days. I stayed up way too late to be responsible but I was so close to finishing the sock that I just had to.

Little Hearts by Teresa Fox

I did this twice because I didn't read the pattern properly the first time and came out with that short & wide heart on the right. After re-reading the pattern I realized my mistake and am much happier with the second. If I get the motivation I may make a garland of flat hearts for decoration to go along with these.


One last little photo treat is the project I worked on at my Dad's house today. He got a BIG label printer and needed my help installing it (since I did that in a previous life and the tech support guy from the printer company couldn't figure it out). As a test I made this label to put on my comp book that I have been writing down patterns in to keep my work portable.

I finally placed my order at KnitPicks.com for wool for hubby's birthday socks, some yarn for me and various tools to help me in my endeavors. Special Thanks to BIL Damon for sending the gift card.

So you might ask what socks I will be knitting for Nick? Its the Maritime Wool Socks by Simone Van Iderstine. I may modify this to appear more like Tracks by OzKnitter. We'll see when I get the yarn in my hands which direction I feel inspired to go.

Alex continues to ask for knitted everything including socks and toys (like Ironman). My list of favorited things on Ravelry with him in mind continues to grow.

My Thoughts:
The amazing thing about knitting is there are so many different patterns that a person could knit their whole life and not do all of them but it all boils down to two stitches, knit & purl.

Knit Quote of the moment:
It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old.
George Eliot

Until next time... Knit, Lizzy, Knit!

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